Providing our clients with comprehensive knowledge and services to help improve current customer relationships and develop new ones.
What we are best at

Our Services

Our team will review your CRM initiative and technology to provide a 360 degree view of your system and processes. We’ll then partner with you to help make adjustments as needed to align with your firm’s strategic goals. Our focus is helping our clients get the most out of their CRM investment through improving user adoption, data management, system configuration and meaningful data integrations.
Data Quality Managment
Data quality is the most important component when it comes to successfully implementing a CRM system and keeping it running efficiently. Regardless of what stage you are in with CRM deployment, we can help keep your data clean and organized.
Email Marketing Support
Creating an automated process for communication saves time and helps lead to increased productivity and ROI. We will  create the right processes for your company’s unique needs, all while strengthening your relationships with your clients.
Data Privacy Compliance
Any company that collects contact data from clients and prospects in Canada or Europe may be impacted by new data privacy laws. Having a clear and concise plan to make sure your company stays in compliance with these laws is crucial.
Industry Expertise
Knowing where  and how to improve your CRM system takes experience and industry expertise. At Cold Mountain, we provide you with the resources and key information to lead the way in improving business development.